Our repair service for your Kärcher device

For the case, that your Kärcher does not work well or is broken we offer you our repair service. You may send us your Kärcher machine for check-up and repair.

Cost transparency

Especially for repairs transparency is important. To be sure, that you have no unexpected costs or repairs are done without confirmation, you receive an cost estimate before the repair is done.
On our repair documents and bills you ccan always read, which parts were exchanged and which work was done

The repair process

  • Prepare your Kärcher for the transport and take care of a well packaging (to avoid transport damages) and a sufficient franking of the package.
  • Put a short letter in the package and give us the following information:
    • Your complete poastal address
    • Your eMail address
    • Description of the disfunction
  • Send the package to the following address:
    Kärcher Store Schreiber
    Franz-Claas-Str. 12
    33428 Harsewinkel
Please note: Due to additionally transport costs, this service is mainly offered to customers in Germany.