Floor washer / carpet cleaner

Floor washer / carpet cleaner

Washing vacuums

Kärcher washing vacuums ensure fibre-deep and thorough cleanliness on carpets, upholstery, mattresses, textile wall hangings and car seats, for example. The cleaning fluid is sprayed deep into the carpet with pressure and vacuumed up together with the loosened dirt. Grease, dirt and odours are thus effectively removed.

What is the difference between the washing vacuums?

The SE 4002 washing vacuum offers the same performance as the SE 4001 model, but in comparison the SE 4002 has the 2-1 comfort hose as well as the narrower upholstery nozzle for hygienic cleaning even on smaller textile surfaces (seats, upholstery etc.). The SE 5.100 is the only model with a flat pleated filter that does not come into direct contact with the liquid and a switchable suction floor nozzle.


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