Mop floors quickly & thoroughly - with the Kärcher EWM and FC hard floor cleaners

Floor cleaner FC 5 and FC5 Premium by Karcher buy

Hard floor cleaner FC 7 and FC 2-4

Would you simply like to mop your floor more conveniently and quickly? Or do you want to clean the entire floor at once, ideally without vacuuming first? We offer an effective solution for every requirement - and give you the freedom to decide. If you are looking for a handy lightweight, the FC 2-4 with interchangeable battery is the right choice. If, on the other hand, you prefer a particularly long battery life without interruptions, opt for the FC 7 Cordless, which effortlessly removes even stubborn dirt in a single step.

Electric mop EWM 2

No conventional mop can hold a candle to the EWM 2. No more lugging buckets around and spilling dirty water on the floor. The EWM 2 electric mop from Kärcher ensures that the rotating rollers are continuously moistened with fresh water while the dirty water is collected in the dirty water tank. Thanks to its low residual moisture content, it is suitable for all hard floors, including parquet.

In addition to the appliances, you can of course also buy all suitable cleaning agents, accessories such as rollers or brushes and original spare parts for the hard floor cleaners and vacuum cleaners from us online and at favourable prices.

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