Middle class - WD 4

Middle class - WD 4

The new middle class - extremely powerful

Only Kärcher offers this: A filter system from the professional sector - combined with a unique, patented filter removal technology. The filter can be easily removed at any time without coming into contact with dirt. The mid-range appliances WD 4 V-20/5/22 and WD 4 S V-20/5/22 impress with powerful suction performance and an additional blowing function, while at the same time consuming very little power (only 1000 W). Thanks to the new and improved accessories, dirt of all kinds can be removed quickly and easily.

The differences between the WD 4 V-20/5/22 and WD 4 S V-20/5/22

Both models have identical technical data, but the WD 4 S V-20/5/22 is characterised by a stainless steel tank instead of a plastic tank.

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