The professional eco!efficiency dry vacuum cleaner from Kärcher.

Dry vacuums eco!efficiency

With around 40 % lower power consumption, the eco!efficiency dry vacuum cleaners achieve almost the same cleaning performance as the basic units, which is completely sufficient for daily maintenance cleaning. The eco!efficiency dry vacuum cleaners are much quieter. The current eco!efficiency models achieve energy efficiency class A+. 

eco!efficiency dry vacuum cleaners: powerful suction. Economical. Quiet.

The dry vacuum cleaners of the eco!efficiency series achieve an optimum ratio between cleaning performance and energy input and thoroughly clean up the superstition that performance can only be replaced by one thing, namely more performance.

500 watts of motor power are sufficient for dry vacuum cleaners in offices and hotels. Below 200 watts the suction power is not sufficient, above 200 watts it continuously improves. At 500 watts the point of optimal suction power is reached, which is completely sufficient for cleaning normal house dust on textiles or hard surfaces. The cleaning result is only slightly better due to the higher suction power. A higher suction power can also increase the pushing forces on higher pile carpets. So sheer power brakes itself out on the bottom line.

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