Battery-powered hard floor cleaner Kärcher EWM 2 (Premium).

EWM 2 - Wireless battery floor cleaner

The EWM 2 by Kärcher is the new wireless new generation of Kärcher hard floor cleaners! 

The new battery driven wiper makes cleaning the floor even easier and more comfortable. As a wireless device, the EWM 2 can be used very flexibly and, thanks to the lithium-ion battery, there is no more interference from cables when wiping. With a battery running time of up to 20 minutes, a surface area of around 60 m² can be cleaned. Its compact and clean design makes it easy to manoeuvre and drive under obstacles such as furniture. 

What is the difference between EWM 2 and EWM 2 Premium? 

Technically spoken, both wipers are identical in construction and differ only in the housing colour (yellow and white) and also in the standard scope of delivery. The premium package of the white also includes a second pair of microfibre rollers and 500 ml of the universal floor cleaner for streak-free clean floors.

Video: That is how it works


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