Sprinklers by Kärcher - for lawn, flower beds and the whole garden.


Watering to the farthest corner: Thanks to our wide range of spray sprinklers you will always find the right solution for large and small, level and sloping gardens. The sprinklers are available in all equipment and price classes. From the affordable entry-level sprinkler to the top model - our OS 5320 SV with great and easy adjustment options.

The highlights of our lawn sprinklers and garden sprinklers are the models of the OS 5 series. Thanks to the many sophisticated functions, the irrigation surface to be burst can be perfectly adjusted without getting wet. Nozzles that can be switched on and off optimally adjust the irrigation width for narrow, elongated areas such as lawn strips between house and bed up to the maximum width for large lawns. The quantity of water can be infinitely adjusted directly on the rectangular sprinkler with the flow control. Of course, the angle of movement can also be infinitely varied. So you can easily let the sprinkler rain in only one direction.

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See all features from our top of the range sprinkler Kärcher OS 5.320 SV in the product video:

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