Air filter AF and air purifier AFG - for a fresh and clean room air.

Air cleaning
Polluted air is always a problem, due to odors of carpets, pollen, germs or bad air after a long conference in the meeting room. The consequences of this can be concentration problems, headaches, a stuffy nose and even asthma attacks. With our air purifier, you simply leave these problems behind: Switch on the air purifier - and breathe freely.

With innovative plasma technology and an innovative combination of pre-filters, the Kärcher AFG 100 Air Cleaners / Air Purifiers ensure clean indoor air in rooms with guests, patients and customers, such as waiting rooms and reception areas. The air cleaners also filter dust, mites & Co. in their own office or conference room. Thanks to their discreet and compact design, Kärcher air cleaners blend well into any room.
Kärcher Prefilter AFG 100
106,72 EUR
incl. 16% tax excl. Shipping costs
Kärcher Filter 3-stufig Ersatz AFG100
our standard price 203,00 EUR
only 172,55 EUR
incl. 16% tax excl. Shipping costs
Kärcher filter set Health Solution AF100 x2
Suitable for colds and health problems.
our standard price 148,48 EUR
only 125,99 EUR
incl. 16% tax excl. Shipping costs
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