Foam cleaner, acid, RM 59 ASF (20 l)
Foam cleaner, acid, RM 59 ASF (20 l)

Foam cleaner, acid, RM 59 ASF (20 l)

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9,96 EUR par litre

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Kärcher Cup foam lance Advanced (042)
Improved foam lanze for foaming, for example of cars or in sanitary areas. Handy, with 1 liter container and stageless dosage adjustment.

Version for high-pressure cleaner without Servo Control (pressure and water volume adjustment at the trigger gun).

notre prix normal 132,09 EUR
seulement 116,24 EUR
Kärcher Lance à mousse TR 1 Advanced + kit raccord rapid

4 part special bundle including 1 x cup foam lance, 1 x quick connection coupling and 2 x quick connection nipple. Perfect for vehicle, stable, milking parlour or interior cleaning (e.g. sanitary facilities)

The foam lance produces a foam carpet which react on the dirt. Due to the quick connection system switching between regular high-pressure jet and foam cup is done in an instant

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Kärcher Active cleaner, acid, RM 25 ASF, concentrate (10 l)
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