Vacuum cleaning robot Kärcher RC 3 - vacuuming at home can't be easier.

Vac robot RC3 from Kärcher cleans the living room
With a RoboCleaner everyday life is easier, because the fully automatic vacuum cleaner robot independently cleans the floor coverings in your home. Whether carpet, stone, tile or wood, the compact RC from Kärcher tirelessly absorbs dust and other dirt. And should the battery be empty, it drives independently to the charging station.

The Robocleaner RC 3 cleans extremely systematically thanks to its intelligent camera laser navigation system. The cleaning robot creates a profile of the room and drives it off systematically and systematically. Various sensors ensure that furniture is spared and crashes such. B. on the stairs to be avoided. The dual brush system allows optimal dirt pickup. The side brush can also absorb dust from joints, edges and cracks. With the innovative app control, you can not only set the cleaning convenient, but keep your RC 3 and the exact cleaning progress in view.

Already in 2003 Kärcher conquered the world of suction robots. For example, RoboCleaners were among the first vacuum cleaner robots to automatically clean the home and households. At that time, the RC 3000 was a true world first, revolutionizing the sucking in the living room, kitchen and all other rooms, and inspired in various product tests. Later, the yellow RoboCleaner RC 3000 got a twin with the RC 4000 - in white. The Kärcher quality promise also applies to all Robocleaner: even after many years, accessories and spare parts such as batteries, filters, brushes and other individual parts are still available today.
Kärcher Robocleaner RC 3 Premium robot vac
The smart RC3 with camera-laser navigation system and convenient app control creates a cleaning map of your surroundings and cleans your home autonomously and systematically – at any time. Additionally included in the premium package: another side brush and a filter element.

Area performance: 160 m²
Running time per charge: 90 - 120 min
Battery type: Lithium-Ion
our standard price 701,84 EUR
only 575,03 EUR
incl. 16% tax excl. Shipping costs
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