Kärcher T 9/1 Bp Battery vacuum cleaner 36 V
Kärcher T 9/1 Bp Battery vacuum cleaner 36 V

Kärcher T 9/1 Bp Battery vacuum cleaner 36 V

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Kärcher Fleece filter bags, 10 pcs.  (BV 5/1, T 7/1, T 9/1)
3-ply fleece filter bag for Kärcher Commercial dry vacuums BV 5/1, T 7/1 and T 9/1 Bp Pack.
our standard price 28,56 EUR
only 25,70 EUR
2,57 EUR per piece
Kärcher Upholstery nozzle DN 35
Upholstery tool with lint lifter.
2,86 EUR
Kärcher Crevice tool DN 35 210 mm
Plastic crevice tool (DN 35) for vacuuming in crevices and corners. Length: 210 mm.
our standard price 5,36 EUR
only 5,09 EUR
Kärcher Parquet nozzle DN 35 300 mm with parking nose
Floor nozzle for vacuuming on hard and sensitive floors. Working width 300 mm, nominal width 35 mm.
our standard price 27,37 EUR
only 24,63 EUR
Kärcher Suction hose extension C-35 (2.5 m)
our standard price 35,70 EUR
only 32,13 EUR
Kärcher Floor tool switchable DN 35 270 mm
With wide support roller and parking hook for convenient storage on the device (depending on the device).
our standard price 49,98 EUR
only 44,98 EUR
Kärcher Suction brush pivotable DN 35
Rotatable suction brush (DN 35) with natural bristles (cow hair). Bristle size 70x45 mm. Only CV and NT vacuum cleaners.
our standard price 11,31 EUR
only 10,17 EUR
Kärcher Main filter basket (T 9/1 Bp)
Replacement main filter basket for Kärcher battery-driven dry vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp.
our standard price 55,93 EUR
only 50,34 EUR
Kärcher Nozzle set (DN 35)
Nozzle kit for all NT vacuum cleaners with DN 35 accessories includes crevice tool, upholstery tool, round brush (x3)
our standard price 22,61 EUR
only 20,35 EUR

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