Cup foam lance with quick connection system
Kärcher Cup foam lance Advanced TR (042) + Quick Connection system

Kärcher Cup foam lance Advanced TR (042) + Quick Connection system

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only 189,90 EUR

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Kärcher VehiclePro Prewash RM 803 Classic, 10 l
  • Effective prespraying agent for prewashing cars and utility vehicles
  • Allows grease, oil, emissions and insect soiling to swell and dissolves
    these reliably
  • Significantly improves the cleaning result of the following cleaning steps
  • Cleaning active at all temperature ranges
  • Rapidly separates oil/water in the oil separator (easy to separate=asf)
our standard price 70,21 EUR
only 59,68 EUR
5,97 EUR per liter
Kärcher Male coupling for quick coupling TR 2.115-000.0
Hardened stainless steel male coupling for quick coupling 2.115-000.0
our standard price 44,03 EUR
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Foam cleaner, acid, RM 59 ASF (20 l)
NTA-free for optimal environmental sustainability. Reliably removes the toughest deposits and coatings of limescale, rust, grease, albumen, beer scale and milk scale on tiles and tanks. Very stable blanked of foam ensures intensive action on all surfaces.
our standard price 223,72 EUR
only 190,16 EUR
9,51 EUR per liter
Foam cleaner, alkaline, RM 58 ASF (20 l)
NTA-free for optimal environmental sustainability. RM 58 ASF foam cleaner, alkaline Reliably removes the stubborn grease, oil and albuminous stains as well as food residue on tiles and containers. Foam carpet permits long contact periods and thus ensures intensive action on vertical surfaces.
our standard price 204,68 EUR
only 173,98 EUR
Foam cleaner, neutral, RM 57 ASF (20 l)
NTA-free for optimal environmental sustainability. Gentle foam cleaning agent for light oil, grease and protein stains. A stable blanked of foam enhances cleaning action and is easily rinsed away.
our standard price 133,28 EUR
only 113,29 EUR
5,66 EUR per liter
Kärcher Active cleaner, alkaline, RM 81 ASF, concentrate (2.5 l)
NTA-free for optimal environmental sustainability. Efficiently and gently acting high-pressure cleaning concentrate for heavy oil, grease and mineral stains. Suitable for vehicle washing, cleaning tarpaulins and engines.
our standard price 29,75 EUR
only 25,29 EUR
10,12 EUR per liter
Kärcher Disinfection cleaner, foaming, alkaline RM 734 (25 kg)
NTA-free for optimal environmental sustainability. Disinfectant foam cleaner. Acts fungicidal, virucidal, sporicidal and bactericidal, and solves the same time fat, protein, oil and soot soiling. Owing to its stable foam carpet applicable even on vertical surfaces.
our standard price 280,84 EUR
only 230,29 EUR
Kärcher PressurePro Foam Cleaner RM 838 Direct 3 L
For contactless vehicle washing. Effortlessly removes heavy oil and grease stains, insect residues and road dirt and is gentle on paintwork.
our standard price 20,23 EUR
only 16,49 EUR
5,50 EUR per liter

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