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Kärcher Schreiber Kärcher Fanshop

Even for the small ones KÄRCHER offers some products.
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Kärcher Shopping Trolley Chip
1,49 EUR
with bank transfer:
1,44 EUR

Kärcher Windscreen Sponge
Cleaning sponge for the windscreen with sponge and leather side.

read moreKärcher Fanshop Kärcher Windscreen Sponge
2,99 EUR
with bank transfer:
2,90 EUR

Kärcher Golf cap black
Black golf cap, with embroidered Kärcher logo and yellow garnish strip.

read moreKärcher Fanshop Kärcher Golf cap black
3,99 EUR
with bank transfer:
3,87 EUR

Kärcher Measuring Tape 3 meter
4,99 EUR**
4,29 EUR
with bank transfer:
4,16 EUR
Kärcher Folding rule
4,99 EUR
with bank transfer:
4,84 EUR

Kärcher Surf water ball, Water Bouncing Ball (WaBoBa)
As the name says, the water bouncing ba>ll bounces on the water. The ball can be thrown and catched very well thanks to its high quality materials and is a real fun for young and old - whether alone, in pairs or in a group

read moreKärcher Fanshop Kärcher Surf water ball, Water Bouncing Ball (WaBoBa)
5,99 EUR
with bank transfer:
5,81 EUR

Kärcher for kids water gun
Water gun for next water fight. Pull to fill, to "fire" push.

read moreKärcher Fanshop Kärcher for kids water gun
7,99 EUR**
6,99 EUR
with bank transfer:
6,78 EUR
Kärcher Model high-pressure cleaner HDS 10/20-4 M
Highly detailed model of the Kärcher hot water high-pressure cleaner HDS 10/20-4 M, with water pump function

read moreKärcher Fanshop Kärcher Model high-pressure cleaner HDS 10/20-4 M
8,99 EUR
with bank transfer:
8,72 EUR

Kärcher Folding rule (3 m)
Extra-long (3 m) and high-quality wooden foot rule from Stabila, with Kärcher logo.

read moreKärcher Fanshop Kärcher Folding rule (3 m)
8,99 EUR
with bank transfer:
8,72 EUR

Kärcher Coffee cup
10,00 EUR
with bank transfer:
9,69 EUR

Kärcher Car sun shade
Car sunshade and wintershield against ice, snow and sun. Size 130 x 60 cm.

read moreKärcher Fanshop Kärcher Car sun shade
10,00 EUR
with bank transfer:
9,69 EUR

Kärcher Football Uhlsport
High-quality football in Kärcher-design for clean performance and fun on the lawn.

read moreKärcher Fanshop Kärcher Football Uhlsport
16,99 EUR**
16,99 EUR
with bank transfer:
16,48 EUR
Kärcer Cudly toy elephant (Sigikid)
High-quality cuddly toy elephant, made by Sigikid.

read moreKärcher Fanshop Kärcer Cudly toy elephant (Sigikid)
19,99 EUR
with bank transfer:
19,39 EUR

Kärcher 2.01 for Kids
Funktionsfähiger Nachbau des Kärcher Hochdruckreinigers 2.01, ideal als Spielzeug für Kinder ab 3 Jahren. Der Kärcher 2.01 for Kids kann an einen regulären Gartenschlauch angeschlossen werden.

read moreKärcher Fanshop Kärcher 2.01 for Kids
22,99 EUR**
20,95 EUR
with bank transfer:
20,32 EUR
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