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Hints for product search

Find the correct product quickly

Follow these hints for your product search and you will quickly find the correct products. If your search has no success, we may help you-> contact form .

  1. Use the order number!
    If you already know the order number of the needed parts, use these numbers for the product search.

  2. Correct writing of the order number?
    For example: 2.641-959.0 or 26419590 are common types of writng the products order number and which the shop can use to find the products.

  3. Where do I find the order number?
    Normally a wide range of parts is listed in the manual of your Kärcher product. Mostly this list is shown on one of the last pages. If you do not have the manual, you may download it at the manufacturer's webpage.

  4. Order number not found in the manual?
    Normally the manual includes only wear parts or those parts which can be exchanged easily. Especially spare parts are not included. If you need any of the spare parts and you do not know the order number, contact us.

  5. No result with the order number?
    Often parts get modified or get replaced by other parts. So the old order number, which can be written in the manual, iis not valid any longer. In theses cases, we gladly help you, so contact us.

Avoid searching like this...

The following examples show you, how you should not search.

  1. Pressed or cutted order numbers on parts
    On some parts (especially spare parts) you may find pressed or cutted order numbers which really seem to be the order number. But mostly those numbers are only reference numbers for the manufacturing, which do not help to find the article online.

  2. Search for procut name
    Searching for the product name often ends with result of a large amount of potential spare parts, e. g.: switch. There are a lot of parts which have the same name, but only fit to so some machines.
    Furthermore there are several names which may fit for one part like seal and gasekt and joint or switch and interruptor.

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